Host Club Tools

Clubs hosting a MET tournament will receive the tournament box, containing score cards, rules, and helpful documents they may use in running the tournament.  Below are copies of those documents.

Click on MET 2017 Score Sheet for a copy of the official MET Score card.  The MET does provide a Score cards, additional copies can be printed using this link.

Lane and target assignments may be done in a variety of way.   Clubs may use a combination of  2017 Target Assignments and 2017 Tournament Lane Usage documents or choose another of their liking.

Click on the Opening Speech document for items and rules that must be reviewed with shooters at the beginning of the tournament for each shooting line.

Each host club must fill out and provide accounting documentation to the MET Secretary / Treasurer.   Click on MET 2017 MONEY WORKSHEET to download a copy of the official MET worksheet used.

The MAA_ByLaws_Appendix_B contains information regarding rules and format for the various MAA/MET shoots.

Click on MAA 2017 Tournament Registration Form for a generic registration form that can be used for all MAA Shoots.

Click on MAA 2017 Prepaid Shooter Form to pre-pay and register for all MAA shoots.

Click on NFAA Sectional-Championship-App for an official registration form for NFAA.Sectionals.

Click on MAA 2017 Membership Application for a membership form to join the MAA.