MET Archery

Welcome to the Metropolitan Archery Association!  

The Metropolitan Archery Association (MET) is dedicated to the sport of Archery and providing tournament experience for archers of all ages. 

The MET is an organization that serves southeastern Michigan under the guidance of the Michigan Archers Association (MAA), which is a chartered state association under the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

The MET is recognized as an MAA established regional association that sponsors and coordinates regional and state shoots with its affiliated clubs.  Shoots include the three indoor and four outdoor championships.

MET shoots are separate from the MAA state championships.  The MAA holds three indoor and four outdoor tournaments each year hosted at various regional associations and affiliated clubs on a rotational basis.

Each year the MET publishes a schedule of MET, MAA, NFAA shoots, ASA and IBO shoots,  as well as shoots and events of its affiliated clubs.  Click on MET_Schedule_2018 to view or download a copy of the 2016 club schedules.

Questions and comments regarding the MET may be directed to MET Officers and Club Representatives listed on the Contacts page, or sent via the MET email address

Click on MET Constitution to view the governing document for the MET.

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